Joan's Painting

About Us

Our Approach

When it comes to updating kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, furniture pieces, stair railings, fireplace mantels & decor, paint is a quick and cost effect option with dramatic results.

We understand the importance of style, trends and personal taste. With unlimited paint colours and inspiration options available, we can help you choose the perfect hue(s) to compliment existing decor or transition your current style.

Whether you are updating cabinets, refreshing a piece of furniture or decor, every project is unique and your personal satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Paint Story

The power of paint never ceases to amaze me.  My love for paint started when I moved into my first home in 19-- well, never mind. The instant gratification and dramatic change paint made to a room was completely addicting.  I didn't have the luxury of new furniture or decor, but could always afford a gallon of paint. Fast forward to 2011, after many "while you were out" paint marathons, my hubby joked that I should start my own business. Best advice ever! My residential painting business was a great success thanks to the support and mentoring of colleagues, business associates, designers and ultimately, the trust and referrals from my clientele.

In 2013, the transition and passion for painting kitchen cabinetry began. I purchased my first spray gun, painted my first kitchen and have been working by referral ever since. Furniture, stair railings, mantels and decor was a natural compliment to cabinetry. Hundreds of paint projects later, the power of paint still never ceases to amaze me...I put that stuff on everything!